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XP compatibility [3Com Bluetooth Adapter - 102256]

  • Ben Rapp
  • 投稿: 3
  • 註冊日期: 17 十二月 2003
Having trouble getting the card to work in a Dell Latitude X200 running XP (all SPs and hotfixes applied). It installs OK, and Device Manager shows the card, the relevant ports and modems, but Connection Manager fails to detect the card. I have, occasionally, through uninstalling and reinstalling, managed to get CM to see the card briefly, but it soon drops off and won't come back. There is some b*****ks on the 3Com site apparently related to this problem, but it's nonsense (it suggests you might have installed the Win98 drivers by mistake). Any clues?
  • Mahesh
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  • 註冊日期: 14 四月 2003
  • 地點: Liverpool, UK
Ben - I received this from our account manager in 3com. Re the below mail, as per usual, he needs to register the product on www.3com.co.uk Then he can speak to post-sales on 0870 909 3266 Hope this helps, -- Mahesh - eXpansys