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Customisation + Don't want MS Windows.... [ASUS A4744K-UH AMD64 Power Workstation Laptop - 117894]

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  • 註冊日期: 18 一月 2005
Hi, I have a few questions about this machine. 1. I want 1Gb RAM, can I do this at purchase time and how much extra is it? 2. I don't want an MS Windows License (I use Linux) and don't want to line Mr Gates' pockets. Can you supply this machine Sans Software and what is the cost reduction? 3. What is the Wireless chipset used? I want to check Linux compatibility. Also is it definatly 802.11b & 802.11g as I need both? 4. What is the spindle speed/buffer size on the HD? 5. Do you have any faster processor speeds? e.g. 3400+? Many thanks.
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as a user. its 802.11b ( i said this in my review) its actually a usb wireless (internal) network device which i can only find Silicon Integrated Systems Corp somewhere deep inside the device listing. asus do have faster processors.... btw i cant comment on your license comments..