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Bluespoon Chameleon and Siemens S55 [Nextlink Bluespoon Chameleon - 105109]

  • MarkB
  • 投稿: 2
  • 註冊日期: 20 一月 2004
I am disapointed with the reliability / consistency of this headset when used with my Siemens S55 mobile phone. The issues are: poor connection for charging and subequently fails after a short period in use. Secondly very "hit and miss when it comes to making and accepting calls. "Errors" are the order of the day and often you simply have to give up and pick the call up from the handset. Lastly the small spring has simply not stood the test of a couple of months wear and no longer does the job effectivly. Whilst the unit is very lightweight with good aesthetics, which one might even term quite sexy, this becomes irrelevant if you can not make or receive a call especially when driving!! I hope I am not being unfair to suggest that the problems lay with the headset and not the phone - I understand that there are some anomolies which I had been prepared to live with due to the phones in built handsfree capability but the problems go well beyond that. Am I alone in this or have others had similar experiences?