Samsung Galaxy Note10 Lite Dual-SIM SM-N770F/DS – 支援論壇 立即購買 – NT$19,220

samsung DEX를 지원하나요? [Samsung Galaxy Note10 Lite Dual-SIM SM-N770F/DS - 321599]

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이제품은 samsung DEX를 지원하나요?



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안녕하세요 익스펜시스입니다.


삼성 dex 지원하지 않는 것으로 알고 있습니다.



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On the off chance that you mean utilizing an Android gadget to use as a Desktop PC, Samsung declared that their new Galaxy S8 that will turn out before the current month's over, will have you can buy independently that will transform the telephone into a work area you can collaborate Induction lights suppliers  with, with a console and mouse.