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使用 Chromecast Ultra,您可以享受所有喜愛的電影、節目、遊戲、音樂以及最新的 4K 和高動態範圍內容。

Chromecast Ultra 搭配 4K/高動態範圍電視*與相容的影音內容**時,就能夠提供 4K 內容:圖像更清晰、色彩更深遂、影片更流暢。沒有 4K 電視?沒問題:無論您使用什麼類型的電視,Chromecast Ultra 都會自動依據電視的最高畫質將影音內容最佳化,讓您無時無刻都能享有最佳的電視解析度。

Chromecast Ultra 包括升級的 Wi-Fi 和乙太網路轉換器,因此您可以透過其中一種連線類型享受品質穩定的串流內容。收納所有功能的精巧設計可隱藏在電視後方,因此不會破壞娛樂中心的整體視覺美感。

Chromecast Ultra 可與您舊有的裝置配搭使用,包括  Android 智慧型手機和平板電腦、iPhone 和 iPad、Windows 和 Mac 筆記型電腦以及 Chromebook Pixel。完全不需要遙控器!您可以透過自己慣用的智慧型手機、平板電腦或筆記型電腦來瀏覽影音娛樂內容、控制播放功能以及調整音量。

*雖然 Chromecast Ultra 可搭配標準 HD 高畫質電視運作,但若要串流 4K 影音內容,所使用的 HD 高畫質電視必須具備 HDMI 連接埠,同時也需要透過寬頻網際網路連線。詳情請參閱 
**4K 影音內容的供應情形視內容供應商而定,而且只能在 4K 電視上播放。

A streaming device that plugs into your TV's HDMI port, Chromecast Ultra provides fast, reliable performance with minimal buffering and smooth streaming. Use your iPhone�, iPad�, Android device or laptop to stream from thousands of Cast-enabled apps.With Chromecast Ultra, your device is the remote. It�s easy to control the TV from anywhere in your home. Choose from 4K-enabled apps like Netflix and YouTube, or browse over 200,000 TV shows and movies, plus 30 million songs, games and more.� Discover a range of free, subscription or paid content from thousands of apps. Enjoy a crisper picture, deeper color and smoother video when streaming up to 4K content to a 4K TV� with Chromecast Ultra. Whether your TV is 4K or HD, it automatically optimizes content for the best picture quality possible. Your shows play faster, smoother and more reliably. Even if your Wi-Fi network isn�t ready for the demands of 4K, Chromecast Ultra has a built-in Ethernet adapter so you can enjoy smooth streaming over a wired connection. Use Chromecast Ultra to get the best performance from your 4K TV, while still enjoying all the features that already come with Chromecast. Pair Chromecast Ultra with any Google Home device, and stream entertainment just by asking. Features:

  • Stream entertainment in up to 4K Ultra HD and HDR.
  • A better way to get 4K video and more to your TV.
  • Unlimited entertainment, on your schedule.
  • Stunning picture quality.
  • Small size. Big performance.

  In The Box: 1 x Chromecast Ultra 1 x Power adapter with Ethernet port 1 x Power adapter

運送重量: 0.37kg


  • Dimensions Length: 2.29 in (58.20 mm) Width: 0.53 in (13.70 mm) Height: 2.29 in (58.20 mm)
  • Weight Device: 1.6 oz (47 g) Adapter: 3.5 oz (101 g)
  • Supports all resolutions up to 4K Ultra HD and high dynamic range (HDR) for stunning picture quality
  • Wireless 802.11ac (2.4GHz/5Ghz) 1x2 SIMO Wi-Fi for high-performance streaming
  • HDMI plugs directly into the TV
  • Micro-USB for power and data
  • Ethernet port on the power adapter for hard-to-reach Wi-Fi spots in your home

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