Green House Handy Beer Server 2019 GH-BEERN Black


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請注意,我們的許多設備都是進口版本,可能沒有配備本地插頭的充電器。 在此情況下,您的包裹隨箱將附上一只轉換插頭適配器。

Green House Handy Beer Server 2019 GH-BEERN 商品介紹

Install can tongue! Support 250ml/330ml/350ml/500ml size jars

Approximately 180 units can use 350 ml cans with two dry batteries for approximately 30 minutes (when used with one can for 10 seconds)

With discerning beer mug and glass, what kind of glass it is, but OK
It is made of glass and made of metal and ceramics, and even what kind of container can be used.

It is good to drinking, party, outdoor, gift at the time of daily dinner
We drink at dinner every day and play an active part in various uses to gifts to gifts of in-company bingo events at parties outdoors.

About the bubble of beer
The bubble of beer protects the "cap" of the proficiency. I shut in carbon dioxide and prevent the deterioration of the taste by the beer touching the air. The bubble is finished in isofumuron which is the bitterness ingredient of the hop, and the bitterness is collected in the bubble, and it is mellow and finishes the beer.
Bubbles have different properties, and the big bubble splits immediately depending on the size, but the small bubble lasts a long time and brings a kurimi touch.
As for the ratio of beer and bubble, 7:3 is said to be ideal. Because oil content and dirt are strong enemies, please use the body and glass for cleaning for bubbles.

If you drink it, you know the strength
Drinking a lot of houses, the beer server/biafoma of the greenhouse has been supported by the pie since the release. In fact, even the customer review who had you purchase gets a high evaluation, and even the questionnaire in the street is evaluated toward 96% when "beer tastes better".

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