LG BWJ1 Derma LED Mask



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LG BWJ1 Derma LED Mask 商品介紹

Brightening and Elasticity care at a time �Red LED and IR LED penetrate into your skin deeply and make your skin more brighter and promotes elasticity 120 complex LED �Concentrated Placement of 120 complex LED light on most distressed area of your skin lets penatrating light to enlighten your skin from inner layers FDA Approved Product �FDA guaranteed its safetyness effectiveness of Derma LED Mask. Put On Sensor and Eye Shield Design ensure your safety Charging Stand �Elegant Charging Stand enables comfy charging and Storing. *USB charging available without stand (You can charge while using Mask) Charge once Use much �Approximately 7 days available, based on 9 minute daily use, once fully charged (70 minutes in continuous) Sound Guide �Sound Guide introduce how to use and tell time left. � Model : Skin Care product Pra.L BWJ1 � Voltage : 100~240V~, 50/60Hz, 03A � Released in :Sep. 2017 � Manufacturer/Importer : LG electronics � Size/Weight :180 x 235 x 92 (WxHxD mm) /324g

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