Nokia 8110 4G Dual-SIM 滑蓋雙卡手機 Reviews From Other Regions

  • Convenient low distraction phone
  • by / 2018/11/17
  • This is a feature phone, ie not a smart phone. It doesn't run Android, it runs an OS called KaiOS, therefore it lacks most Android features and apps. However it can do the following: - Use 4G - Create a wifi hotspot (to allow your laptop to go online via the 4G) - Watch YouTube videos - Voice search (via Google Assistant) - Get a Google Maps route (but no realtime navigation) - Play sound through car stereo via Bluetooth (great for listening to youtube videos in the car) - Connect via bluetooth to make calls and answer calls in the car - It can also connecto to email but I haven't set this up. The killer feature for me is the wifi hotspot. I wanted a phone that doesn't have all the distraction of a smart phone but let's me create a wifi hotspot, and this is it. There is a KaiOS appstore and it has a few interesting games on it, a twitter client and supposedly whatsapp is coming. The appstore is updated every now and then. One downside is sometimes when I enter the Call Log the phone will freeze up. This can only be recovered from by hard resetting the phone. The good thing is that the reboot is relatively quick with this phone.
  • Nokia 8110 4G Dual-SIM
  • by PK / 2018/7/25
  • Very retro Nokia style. Good design. clear reception. Need to download instruction manual.
  • Top mobile phone
  • by Anonymous / 2018/8/1
  • Classic mobile phone , it works well. Good for people who don't like touch screen mobiles
  • 811
  • by Brad / 2018/7/16
  • The design is great and fit for purpose, fits in jeans back pocket & you can sit without breaking it - for the next generation though I would prefer a more solid structure, esp the slide. Plastic to plastic doesn't glide very well. of course a touch screen is a necessity nowdays... Buttons are good but need a tad more work - I'm not sure but maybe slightly raised to locate easier for fat thumbs or may be different material finish to differentiate them. And finally the software, am sure I don't need to advise you on this. Am not sure I like the current Sub-Continent product- & cost is important so...given time it may evolve. For the price it is a great item. I did end up getting a Samsung flip for something more robust & pocket size but it is 40% $ more. The 811 will be my back up & outdoors phone. If you can get it closer to the samsung flip design, material/weight, screen and software it will be a winner - oh and the slide. For the $ great phone - thanks. PS I move from Motorola to Nokia from 98/99 & stayed until 2012 & loved them. It would be good to see some of their great product designs return. This is an iconic nokia it would be good if your product could resurrect them and in style. Many thanks
  • simple review of Nokia 8110 4G
  • by Anonymous / 2018/6/28
  • Delivery is very fast, so I received it on Monday after my order on Friday. I’m living in South Korea. I believe, if you are a matrix fan choose black color. It consists of one Mini USIM slot, one Nano USIM slot, and one Micro SD slot. OS is KaiOS, There is no Korean language support. I recommend after Wifi setting proceed software update. After that you will found Google Email, contact synchronization feature. After syncing, I can see Korean Character name at contacts. You can’t input Korean. But, Least you can see Korean without problem. SMS also support in Korean. However, there are only one 4G / 3G antenna. I have tested two USIM chips, but only one of them is activated. In other words, if one USIM is connected to 4G or 3G, the remaining USIM can be connect to 2G only. Battery usage is quite nice. After 8 hours normal usage, about 90% battery remain. Even this phone doesn’t support input Korean, basic phone function is good, and tethering support is also acceptable. I’m using 8110 as a main phone, old iPhone 7 is using as a sub for SNS. If you are looking for a retro phone for weekend activity, it’s yours.
  • 비추합니다.
  • by Richard / 2018/11/23
  • 주소록 열면 버겁습니다. 버벅되기 일쑤... 구글 검색은 가능은 하지만 정말 인내심을 요합니다. It's very slow. Hard to open contacts. Just looks good that is it.