Noosy Sim Card Adapter Kits with Nano Sim Adapter and Micro Sim Adapter


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Key features:

  • 4 in 1 SIM Adapters + One needle
  • Nano sim to Micro sim adapter
  • Nano sim to Standard sim adapter
品牌: Noosy / SKU: 317269 / Mfr: AP_3IN1SIMADAPTER / EAN:

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Noosy Sim Card Adapter Kits 商品介紹

The Noosy 4 in 1 Nano Sim Card Adapter Kit (Nano / Micro / Standard) is a perfect tool for people switching between devices or phones that require different types of Sim cards. This Sim card adapter set converts your Nano Sim Card to Micro SIM card or Nano Sim to Standard Sim card and a Micro SIM to standard SIM card using the micro to standard sim adapter.

The Sim card adapter is fully reversible, easy to switch between cellphones, tablets and other devices. Each Sim adapter is machine carved with precise design to fit perfectly. The adapter for micro sim card fits in all older phone models like iPhone 3G/3 and any other devices which uses a Micro sim or Standard Sim card.

What's more,the Nano sim adapter kit is also compatible with all phone manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung, HTC, Motorola, MEIZU, Xiaomi,Nokia plus, you can also use a sim adapter for micro sim phone with all Android and Windows phones.

NOOSY Nano Sim card adapter is your best choice, which is the first and best sim adapter manufacturer.Since not all phone manufacturers have transferred to the use of Nano and Micro SIM card, our nano sim adapter kit will allow you to still use your Nano Sim on all other mobile devices without any problems.

PLS don't insert an empty phone sim adapter into your phone and remember that this Nano to Micro sim card adapter kit will only work with SIM cards. Furthermore, pls note that this sim adapter is NOT a memory card adapter or Micro SD card adapter or a sim card reader.

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  • 4 in 1 SIM Adapters + One needle
  • Nano sim to Micro sim adapter
  • Nano sim to Standard sim adapter
  • Micro sim to Standard sim adapter

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